My name is Jake though I usually go by “jbauer” online. I am a hobbyist sysadmin, recreational programmer, and supporter of online freedom, privacy rights, and free and open access to information and knowledge. I love simple and sustainable technologies, tea, writing, and gardening. I’m also a big fan of the small internet and low-tech or analog solutions to everyday problems.


I blog mostly about technology and computing. I also took part in #100DaysToOffload in 2020. Here are a few of my favourites:

About This Site

This is a static website generated from Markdown using lowdown with my POSIX shell-based static site generator sbs. It is designed to be lightweight, accessible, and privacy-respecting. The site lives in a git repository. This site is also featured on and it’s a part of the XXIIVV Webring and the Fediring webring.


Ordered from most to least preferred, I can be contacted using:

This information is also accessible using the Finger Protocol: finger:// or finger on the command line.

If you’re contacting me using XMPP, please use OMEMO if you can. My device fingerprints (which can change) are currently:

PC:     42988003 bfdb1260 1bd43abe 598716ce d6d03e2c f680a395 a6b3c69a 7bf2cb2a
Laptop: 2bc93b63 42dad123 0d321ebf dd42925c efce4052 f5347295 956677d8 ccb4080f
Phone:  2b46e1a8 aaae9a82 48bbad53 d9922ca5 dcd160dc 02e25031 2ea0f6a1 e02ee31a