paritybit.ca is the personal website of me, Jake Bauer. This is where I post the things I create like my projects, guides, and blog posts. I've also collected a bunch of useful links which I put on the links page.

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2020-02-28 Blog: Redesigning My Website's Logo

2020-02-24 Blog: Making My Own Vim Statusline

2020-02-14 Blog: Switching from urxvt to st

2020-02-06 Blog: Making My Website More Accessible

2020-01-08 Guide: How to Make the New Tab Page Dark Themed in Firefox

2019-12-31 Project: Borderlands 3 DPS Calculator

2019-12-30 Blog: Automating the Publishing of Articles

2019-12-21 Blog: How to Argue Effectively

2019-12-21 Project: usrmnt

2019-12-20 Blog: The Difficulty of Educating People About Online Privacy

What is a Parity Bit?

It is a bit (in the 1's and 0's sense) used in checking for errors in digital transmissions. It is the simplest form of error detection in this respect being only able to detect one error. Wikipedia has a great article on Parity bits if you would like to learn more.


This website is self hosted on hardware that I own and manage myself. If you consider anything on this site worth more than a simple bookmark, you should probably save it (or you could recompile the pages yourself through cloning the git repository). I will try to post a large banner across all of the pages when the website is scheduled to go down but not all downtime is planned and the website will sometimes restart on its own to apply security updates.

You can see the uptime statistics of this website on the About Site page at the bottom.

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