My name is Jake though I usually go by “jbauer” online. I am a hobbyist sysadmin and staunch supporter of online freedom, privacy rights, and free and open access to information and knowledge.


I blog mostly about technology and computing. I also took part in #100DaysToOffload in 2020. My posts can be found on the blog page. Here is a showcase of the blog posts I am most proud of:

About This Site

This webbed site is a static site created by me and generated from Markdown files using lowdown with my POSIX shell-based static site generator. This site is designed to be lightweight and accessible and does not track you in any way. You can also view this site using the Gemini protocol at: gemini://paritybit.ca.

Unless otherwise stated, all content on this website is licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 International License and all code on and for this website is licensed under the ISC License. The source code is available on SourceHut and git.paritybit.ca.


In no particular order, I can be contacted using:

The most reliable way to contact me is through email. If you're contacting me via email, please use PGP if you can. My keys are on keys.openpgp.net or available via direct download. They have the following fingerprint:

8A55 347B 2845 6BA7 0E43  B864 C3EB 9CAF 610B B4FB

If you're contacting me using XMPP, please use OMEMO if you can. My device fingerprints are:

Desktop: ff25a6e9 f11a0cde 08cefe24 38e260d4 cd6f5e13 fa5aa0ed 34898c7f 11b9710b
Laptop:  1bc79398 acf0c81b 9f63efeb f57a03b2 9440d41c f8958ff0 b5510f9a df28e660
Android: 8a9331c8 7bc3191a 4d789958 6d02a8e4 931f0079 920b04f5 638dc456 37f85d1b