I am Jake (jbauer), a person with many interests and hobbies and not enough time for all of them. I love simple and sustainable technologies, tea, writing, gardening, and more. I’m a big fan of low-tech or analog solutions to life’s problems.

Have a look at my values and beliefs if you want to know more, my projects to see what I’m working on, or my digital garden to view my personal wiki. I also run, a collection of online services for a handful of people.


I blog mostly about technology and computing. I also took part in #100DaysToOffload in 2020. Here are a few of my favourites:

About This Site

This is a static website generated from Markdown using lowdown with my POSIX shell-based static site generator sbs. It’s designed to be lightweight, accessible, and privacy-respecting. It’s featured on and is a part of the XXIIVV Webring and the Fediring webring.


Feel free to contact me using any of the methods below: