About Me

My name is Jake though I usually go by the handle “jbauer” online. I am a student of computer science with a strong interest in computer security, networking, and low-level stuff. I enjoy programming, figuring out how systems work, and completing hacking challenges when I have/make the time. I try to program software with simplicity and accessibility in mind.

My spare time is usually occupied with learning, programming, gardening, or getting outside. I also enjoy watching talks from conferences and listening to technology podcasts such as Darknet Diaries and those from Jupiter Broadcasting to expose me to new ideas and ways of thinking. I try to keep up with the goings on in the Linux community by reading LWN.net of which I am a subscriber. Additionally, I write the occasional blog post expressing my views on various subjects or documenting my technological encounters/adventures. Those can be found on the blog page.

I am a staunch supporter of online freedom, privacy rights, and the advancement of society through free and open access to information and knowledge. These are the main reasons why I advocate for free (as in freedom) software and why I support the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Wikimedia Foundation through monetary contributions. If you also share these values and have the means to donate, I would encourage you to also make either a time- or money-based contribution to those organizations or other organizations with similar values.

I think that about covers a brief overview of who I am and what I like. Have a look at the extra links at the top of the page to learn more.