Doing Some House Cleaning

Written By: Jake Bauer | Posted: 2020-04-07 | Last Updated: 2021-01-25

The suite of sites under the domain has been steadily growing as I’ve been hosting and playing around with new things. I now have a wiki (which has since been decomissioned), a Pleroma instance, a Matrix server, a git server and even a simple HTTP-based (for now) file-sharing server.

In an attempt to unify things a little bit and to clean some stuff up, I’ve decided to move all of the guides that were once hosted here on this website over to the wiki.

I’ve also gone ahead and removed every one of the RSS feeds except the main feed. I no longer need to maintain separate feeds for blogs, guides, and projects because guides are handled by the wiki and I don’t update the projects feed that much. You should clean up those feeds from your newsreader if you are subscribed as they will now return 404s.

Coming soon will be some additions to the home page of this site to showcase the other services (similar to what is on the front page of the wiki). I’ll also be looking into auto-posting links to Mastodon for when I release a new blog post as that can be easily integrated into my publishing script (that script has also been simplified a lot now that I don’t need to handle different feeds).