My LWN Theme

Author: Jake Bauer | Published: 2020-06-22

A recent blog post by Amolith about how he set up his LWN theme made me want to review my settings and tweak them to fit a colour scheme I now like (this website’s theme) compared to what I set up over a year ago. I spent some time switching all of the colours over to something that would mimic this site, since I like this colour scheme, and I figured I’d post about it too in case people are looking for more theme ideas:

Display Preferences

Option Value
Page background colour #25252a
Left column background #36363a
Middle column background #36363a
Headline background #36363a
Form/byline background #36363a
Sidebar background #36363a
Text colour #cccccc
Link colour #83b3d8
Visited link colour #a696cc
Quoted text (in email) colour #dc00dc
Old (seen) comment background colour #111111
Navigation box on printable page Checked
Minimum width of main text column (em) 40
Maximum width of main text column (em) 50
Display old parent in unread comments screen Unchecked

New page engine preferences

Option Value
Use the new page engine Checked
Left column color #36363a
Maximum width for handset presentation (em) 48
Fixed navigation menu on small screens Checked
Font family to use browser-determined

Quoted text preferences

Option Value
Quoted text style italic
Quoted text weight normal
Quoted text colour #bb5555
Quoted text background #25252a


The LWN homepage with my colourscheme.
An LWN Weekly Edition with my colourscheme.


I really appreciate that LWN exposes stylesheet settings so that users can set their own themes. Aside from being the highest quality Linux (and sometimes general Open Source) news source, that’s a good reason to subscribe to them.

This is my fifty-second post for the #100DaysToOffload challenge. You can learn more about this challenge over at