My Preferred Fediverse Mobile Client

Written By: Jake Bauer | Posted: 2020-08-10 | Last Updated: 2020-08-10

After switching to Pleroma, the Tusky app felt too Mastodon-like and was missing some of the features that Pleroma brings to the table. Luckily came to the rescue by forking Tusky to create Husky, a client that behaves just like Tusky, but with more Pleroma features and a more Pleroma-like appearance.

A screenshot of the Husky app.

Some of the additional features I’ve noticed Husky adds over Tusky are things such as Markdown/HTML/BBCode formatting for statuses, emoji reaction support, and no attachment limits. All of these features are present in Pleroma but not in Mastodon, so they were missing from Tusky. Furthermore, the Pleroma theming makes it feel like I’m using a Pleroma app instead of a Mastodon app, even if they work exactly the same on the back-end.

Otherwise, the apps are quite similar and the Husky fork hasn’t differed much from Tusky. Both still offer scheduled toots, bookmarks, lists, the ability to edit basic profile information, and so on. I definitely recommend the Husky app if you’re on a Pleroma instance and looking for the exact same experience as Tusky but with more of a Pleroma feel and the extra Pleroma features.

View the Husky source code here. The application can be downloaded for Android from F-Droid.

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