Reflecting on 50 Days of Blogging

Written By: Jake Bauer | Posted: 2020-06-21 | Last Updated: 2020-06-21

I’m glad I decided to take part in this challenge when I saw Kev Quirk’s toot some three months ago. It’s given me the push I needed to stop keeping my post ideas and drafts on paper and just publish what I want to talk about. I’ve blogged for a near-continuous 50 days now so I want to reflect back on completing half of the 100DaysToOffload challenge.

At first, I was very much concerned with keeping the one post per day cadence but, as the challenge went on, I became more concerned with making sure what I put out was actually what I wanted to put out rather than feeling like I was forced to write something, anything, just to get my post in for the day. This is exactly what Kev noted on the 100DaysToOffload site; it’s not about posting literally every day, just about getting more people to blog more regularly. I’ve taken breaks when I felt like I wasn’t up to writing a new post and I think I’ve been all the better for it.

So far, aside from two posts early on, I think I’ve been happy with what I’ve been posting nearly every day. Through the challenge, I’ve been sharing thoughts and experiences on things like Vim, email, programming, computing, and general technology which is exactly what I wanted this blog to be about. I’ve also received emails from people thanking me for the things I’ve posted on my site and I’ve had great discussions with folks on Mastodon about the things I’ve posted.

Participating in the challenge has been great for not only increasing the number of people who read what I write, but also for giving me that push to put my thoughts and opinions out into the world. It’s helped me improve my writing skills, introduced me to cool, new people on the internet, and provided me an almost daily dopamine boost whenever I hit publish on a new post. The 100 day mark doesn’t even seem so far away now…

This is my fifty-first post for the #100DaysToOffload challenge. You can learn more about this challenge over at