Unsure What To Write

Written By: Jake Bauer | Posted: 2020-05-07 | Last Updated: 2020-05-07

Note: This post is pretty much just filler and doesn’t contain anything really important, it was written to keep up with #100DaysToOffload before I decided it would be better if I just refrained from posting if I didn’t have anything I wanted to talk about.

I’m unsure what to write about today. I looked through the list of topics I have written down but none of them really sparked inspiration.

My days have been mostly work, cooking, writing these blog posts, and slacking off enjoying content online like streams and videos. I haven’t felt much of a drive to play video games or solve problems. I’m hoping to get started on a project I’ve wanted to start for a while now in the coming days and I want to rewrite the script used to build the pages for this site. The existing one has become quite the mess and I would like to switch to using pandoc instead of markdown since pandoc seems to handle converting markdown to HTML much better than the markdown tool… despite that tool being explicitly designed to do that. I’ll post about my experience when I make that change.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading.

This is my thirteenth post for the #100DaysToOffload challenge. You can learn more about this challenge over at https://100daystooffload.com.