Why I Blog and #100DaysToOffload

Author: Jake Bauer | Published: 2020-04-25

Today is my first day of the #100DaysToOffload challenge; a challenge started by Kev Quirk to encourage new and seasoned bloggers alike to start writing. Since it’s currently 2020-04-25 for me, this means I’ll try to post something new every day from today until 2020-08-03. That’s a lot of blogging!

Kev also recently made a blog post, inspired by a blog post by Jan-Lukas Else, asking people why they blog which I think is a great topic to kick off this challenge.

I blog because it’s a way for me to share my thoughts. I could be promoting something I’ve made, showcasing something I’ve found, sharing my thoughts on a particular subject or technology, or discussing a topic which interests me. My blog acts as my own free-form writing platform, a creative outlet allowing me to shout my thoughts into the void for anybody who wants to listen, to practice my writing in a less formal setting, or simply to share something from which I think someone could derive value or find interesting.

There is a great feeling of satisfaction that comes with posting and sharing a new blog post. It’s that feeling of creating something and releasing it into the world for others to enjoy that keeps me coming back to writing new posts. It feels good to share and even better when someone lets me know that something I’ve written inspired or helped them.

That’s why I blog.