Table of Contents

The Hardware I Use

My Main PC

You can see the original build that I did, along with the cost for each item in Canadian dollars at the time that it was purchased, by clicking this link to a PCPartPicker build list. RAM prices at the time (November, 2017) were absolutely horrendous.


I own a Thinkpad T440s (I don’t actually mind the trackpad) which I purchased second-hand off of eBay for a grand total of $215 USD after shipping/etc with the following specifications:

I also bought a T420s which tends to get a bit more use:



My daily carry cellphone is a Doro PhoneEasy 612. I describe it in more detail in this blog post about switching to a flip phone.

I also own an Android phone which I purchased in 2015 and which is still going strong more than 5 years later. I haven’t even had to swap the battery yet.

OPNSense Router

It has more horsepower than a router typically needs, but it also does more than a typical router. For example, it runs intrusion detection software which scans every packet. It also typically only draws 15-20W and stays very quiet. Here are the specifications:

Virtualization Server

This is one of my old laptops. I’ve owned it for at least 7 years if not longer and I’m pretty sure it was my second laptop ever.

Git Server

Purchased for $20 including a case from a local seller.