The Hostnames I Use

These are the names I have given my computers/VMs. They are chosen from elements of the Greek Underworld mythology.

Name Lore Current Use OS
Acheron River of pain Router/Firewall OPNSense
Charon The ferryman of the dead Web Server and Reverse Proxy OpenBSD
Lethe River of forgetfullness Git server OpenBSD
Tartarus Pits of oblivion, dungeon of torment and suffering Mail Server OpenBSD
Curae Anxiety Matrix Server Debian
Eris Discord Pleroma Instance Debian
Cerberus Guardian of the gates to the Underworld Proxmox VE Debian
Nyx Goddess of the night Gemini Server Alpine
Geras Old Age Thinkpad T420s Artix
Hades God of the Underworld Desktop Computer Artix