This is my monthly log. It describes what I’ve been up to recently and what I’m currently working on. Learn more about now pages here.

February 2023

This month continued the theme of the previous month with changes to the digital garden. I flattened it out into one directory with a list of files, which I feel makes it easier for me to navigate and create content without having to worry about how exactly to organize it (other than maybe putting it under a header, though that’s not critical). I also dropped Gemini support because I felt it was limiting my ability to construct and organize my thoughts in a way that worked for me. This let me re-design some pages so they could better convey the information stored within.

The static site builder I use for this site, sbs, also hit v1.0.0 this month.

I also started working through, creating my own, which has been an interesting exercise.

Finally, I’ve updated my uses page to be more useful and less rant-y ;).

Book Log

January 2023

January was the typical, slow post-holidays time. This month I mainly tended my digital garden, reorganizing the arboretum and cleaning out the intake in the greenhouse. I also read a more than usual this month, finishing the Good Arguments book and two books about tea.

Speaking of tea, my order from Barry’s Tea in Ireland arrived this month as well. I ordered one of every type of tea they offer and probably like either the Original or Master Blend the best. It’s quite good, especially when paired with some soy or oat milk!

Overall, a nice and relaxing month with (slightly) less time spent in front of a screen and more time enjoying my hobbies.

Until next time, o/

Book Log

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