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Last Updated: 2020-03-18


Working full time as part of work terms scheduled into my degree program.

Currently working from home due to the human malware going around the world right now.


Looking to get into the BSD family of operating systems as I’d like to attend the upcoming BSDCan conference and would like a little bit of knowledge before attending.

I am planning to pick up learning French again as it will be very useful later on in my life. I also need to make sure I’m keeping on top of my German so that it doesn’t slowly start to slip away.

I would also like to learn American Sign Language (possibly along with French Sign Language) as I have encountered a few situations in my life where it would have been useful and it also seems like it would be very interesting to learn.


I have recently discovered and am very much enjoying the artists The Black Keys, Greta Van Fleet, The Dreadnoughts, The HU, Tengger Cavalry, Blood Incantation, Rivers of Nihil, Witchcraft, Volbeat, Stone Sour, Trivium, Apocalypse Orchestra, and many more related artists.