Operating System Opinions


POSITIVE (Last Updated: 2022-05-03)

A project with design as its number one priority. They are creating a beautiful, usable, easy-to-recommend Linux distribution. While they aren’t perfect and still have a number of issues, I think they’re an important project to keep an eye on.

Fedora Linux

POSITIVE (Last Updated: 2022-05-03)

One of the only Linux distributions I’ve tried which well and truly gets out of my way, doesn’t break, and doesn’t require a ton of fiddling for basic things. It’s the only Linux distribution I’ve tried which allowed me to print and scan with my hplip-supported HP printer out of the box. Note that I have only used Fedora KDE and Fedora Cinnamon, not Fedora with GNOME.

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Linux

POSITIVE (Last Updated: 2022-05-03)

I have pretty much the same thoughts about OpenSUSE Tumbleweed as I do about Fedora, with a couple of exceptions. OpenSUSE does take more effort to set up than Fedora, though not by much (mostly adding some repos for the software I want) and I did have to manually install printer drivers to get my printer and scanner to work, but it did work without issue. OpenSUSE has a slight advantage in that Tumbleweed is a rolling release distribution unlike Fedora’s 6-month regular release schedule, and OpenSUSE does full disk encryption properly because it encrypts not only your root file system, but also the boot partition so you have to enter a password in GRUB to start booting unlike almost every other Linux distribution.


POSITIVE (Last Updated: 2022-05-03)

I love the philosophy and development practices of the developers. They are a model for anybody in software development because of their focus on security, documentation, clean code, and not bending to the will of every person who wants their special features in the OS. They build what they want for themselves, and they do a damn good job.

OpenBSD ships with a useful set of server software containing only needed functionality with little to no extraneous components or features. They have a very tight security footprint, as they prioritize security above all else. Their operating system is very easy to use, very well documented (to the point where you find your answers on the OS in the manpages instead of in half-assed SEO-optimized blogs that are years old), and very reliable and easy to administrate.