Video Game Opinions

Elite Dangerous

NEUTRAL (Last Updated: 2022-05-03)

I’ve played about 85 hours of Elite Dangerous according to Steam. I own the Horizons expansion but not Odyssey (whose launch was a disappointing mess). I do find some aspects of the game fun; the graphics are pretty, the ships are beautiful, and exploring the universe can be fun and rewarding. However, I found that the game doesn’t have anywhere near enough depth or detail to keep me engaged. I found most of the professions would just get stale and feel repetitive after a while because things are procedurally generated and the world is so large that seeing another player is really rare outside of the super heavily populated systems.

I often find myself asking: “Why am I even doing this?” when I launch it and start to explore or trade or gather some rare material to upgrade my ship. I don’t see much of a point because I’m just grinding these things for me. The game might be multiplayer, but there isn’t anywhere near enough of an adequate framework to facilitate socialization or bonding with your fellow players unless you want to join some Discord servers or forums. Unlike EVE Online, Elite Dangerous really doesn’t feel like an MMO, it feels like a singleplayer game that your friends can join in occasionally for co-op play.

It’s a game that was revolutionary at its time and a game that many astronomy+spaceship enthusiasts will enjoy for sure, but to me it feels shallow and pointless, especially when your friends don’t want to accompany you for idle jumping from star system to star system or the hundredth identical bounty hunting mission.

Star Citizen

POSITIVE (Last Updated: 2022-05-03)

In contrast to Elite Dangerous, I only recently got into and purchased Star Citizen. So far, despite bugs and the occasional crash, it has been really fun to play and explore. I went into it not only with the knowledge that it is still in alpha and that I can expect bugs, but also that, because it is in alpha, there are going to be wipes of the things you own, your character, your money, etc. which means that I play with the goal of exploring and having fun instead of having some kind of pressure to get up to where the other players are at.

Star Citizen offers an experience that isn’t like any other game on the market at the moment. It offers a combination of the multiplayer aspects of EVE Online, the exploration and profession (i.e. trading, bounty hunting, mining, etc.) aspects of Elite Dangerous, with the first person gameplay aspects of No Man’s Sky in a setting that is more detailed than all of those other games combined. It is, in essence, the kind of space exploration era game I’ve been wanting to play since I got into games like Kerbal Space Program and EVE Online.