My projects are hosted on my Git server and SourceHut. I also use GitHub for collaboration, but not for hosting my own stuff.

Larger Projects

Things I’m spending the most time on right now: (2023-present) (Python 3)

Working through the exercises at

Other Active Projects

Projects that I maintain but which don’t take up much of my time:

sbs (2021-present) (POSIX shell)

My custom static site generator that uses lowdown(1) and standard shell utilities to build a website. It supports Markdown files, Atom feed creation, and has a simple configuration. (2022-present) (Various)

I help manage the Fediring webring by responding to tickets and maintaining the ring's integrity.

Vim Colourschemes (2021-present) (VimScript)

Various colourschemes I made for Vim. The original vim-monochrome was a fork from vim-monochrome by fxn which I changed to suit my needs. These are the ones I've made so far:

  • vim-monochrome - A monochrome colourscheme in both light and dark styles
  • vim-dieter-rams - A colourscheme based off of a colour palette by Dieter Rams
paritybot (2020-present) (Python)

An IRC bot I wrote to play around with the IRC protocol.

Completed/Abandonded Projects

Things I’m no longer working on:

Clojurecember (2022) (Clojure)

My attempt to learn at least a little bit of Clojure each day in December, 2022. I ended up building a minimal text editor using the Seesaw GUI framework.

Advent of Code 2022 (2022) (C)

Documenting my journey solving Advent of Code 2022 challenges.

Misskey-Extras (2021-2022)

A collection of extra patches, custom CSS, and more for the Misskey fediverse software. I handed maintainership of this repository off to Johann who is much more active in the Misskey space than I am these days.

vim-fastline (2020-2022) (VimScript)

A custom vim statusline born out of a frustration with how big and bloated other statuslines felt.

kontaktdb (2020) (Bash)

A utility that lets you store, retrieve, and edit basic contact information in plain text. This was born out of a dissatisfaction with other contact management solutions that integrated with neomutt.

usrmnt (2019) (Bash)

A small utility to mount, unmount, unlock, etc. your devices from the terminal. This was one of my first shell coding projects, so it's not very good.

Web-Based Utilities

Little JavaScript-based utilities I made for myself:


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