The Software I Use

NOTE: This page is out of date, see the current uses page for updated information.

A picture
    of my desktop with neofetch open.

Operating System(s)

My operating system of choice is OpenBSD because of the philosophy of the developers and because of how well put together the whole system feels. I typically run -current so I can get the most up-to-date drivers and packages.

Desktop Environment/Window Manager

I use a tiling window manager and have essentially built my own desktop environment from the ground up by gluing together different components. I don’t use a display manager; the environment is started with startx.

I use:


I use the iceberg colourscheme and try to make the rest of my desktop environment follow that colourscheme.


I am partial to the DejaVu font family. I use them pretty much everywhere.


I use st (aka Simple Terminal). I like the model of patching a minimal piece of software with the features that I need and I enjoy its simplicity and speed.

File Manager

If I need to, I use pcmanfm. However, I find the tools available on the command line (mv, rm, etc) allow me to accomplish what I need to do faster than a dedicated file manager.

Text Editor/IDE

I use Neovim. I am very comfortable with the keybindings and modal nature of vim and vim-like editors. I use a select few plugins and a colour scheme but try to keep things as minimal as possible.

Web Browser

I mainly use qutebrowser but I also use lynx for browsing on the command line.

Mail Client

I use claws-mail. It has provided me the best out-of-the-box experience of any mail client I’ve tried. It’s fast, has GPG support, and handles multiple accounts very well. When I need to go offline, I synchronize my mail with mbsync.

Instant Messaging

Password Manager

I use KeepassXC. I chose it for being really simple to manage compared to something like BitWarden and because I really like the user interface.

Music Player

I use cmus for its simplicity and ease-of-use. It does everything I need from a music player.

Video Player

mpv is my video player of choice. It’s light, simple, and versatile. It also integrates with youtube-dl so I can watch YouTube videos or Twitch streams without opening my web browser.

RSS Feed Reader

Newsboat because it’s simple, easy, terminal-based, and I can program a bunch of macros to open up whichever feed in whichever application I want (e.g. open a Youtube feed in MPV).

Document Creation

I will typically write documents in either markdown or LaTeX. For instances where I need to interact with .docx files and whatnot, I use Libreoffice.


I prefer using sent because I like the style of presentation that the tool produces. If I ever need anything more complex I opt for Beamer.

Day Planning/Organization/Notes

I use pen and paper for this. For whatever reason, I find it cumbersome to use electronic organizers/calendars for keeping track of my life and I much prefer having something physical to store this information. If you’re curious, I use a Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dot Grid Notebook and a Burgundy/Gold Parker 51 with Waterman Inspired Blue ink.

Image Viewing

sxiv since it handles all the image types I need it to and has nice keybindings.

PDF Viewer

Zathura for its excellent keybindings and speed.