gemini:// | [HTTP Proxy]

I have found a personal wiki/knowledgebase to be an immensely valuable asset. It is the place where I record not only the scripts I’ve written and how I’ve set up my computers and servers, but also other things such as recipes, the books in my library, little bits of knowledge and wisdom, and more.

The primary medium for the wiki is a Gemini site. Gemini is an alternative to HTTP which excels at efficiently delivering information in like the original HTTP-based web was intended to do, but has since strayed far from. It uses its own protocol and has its own set of gemini-based software.

You can access my knowledgebase using the following Gemini URL: gemini:// If you are unsure which client to use, I highly recommend Lagrange.

If you wish to delve into the knowledgebase from the program you’re currently using to read this page, you can use a gemini proxy;